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Provider Education & Information

Christopher R. Bradley



University of North Carolina at Wilmington:

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with a pre-med focus

University of Maryland Eastern Shore:

Masters of Science in Physician Assistant Studies 

  • Vice President of UMES 2015 graduating class

  • Graduated with Magna Cum Laude 

University of Lynchburg:

Doctor of Medical Science in the advanced professional practice of Psychiatry

  • Lynchburg Journal of Medical Science:

    • Bradley, Christopher R. (2020) "Efficacy and Risks of Second-Generation Antipsychotics in Psychotic and Non-psychotic Children," Lynchburg Journal of Medical Science: Vol. 2: Iss. 1, Article 5. 


Christopher Bradley is a physician assistant originally from Western North Carolina.  He has been a practicing provider for over 5 years. He obtained his Doctorate of Medical Science with a focus in Psychiatry from the University of Lynchburg and obtained his Masters of Physician Assistant Studies from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. 


He focuses on all mental health disorders while having a strong passion for those with bipolar disorder and ADHD. His main focus is to provide patients with the best quality of life and appropriate medication management they deserve. In addition, he strives to provide patients with the optimal treatment plan, including medications with the least potential side effects. 


Christopher works alongside therapists and other providers to offer the most appropriate care for his patients. His end goal is to help patients better understand their conditions and overall state of wellness.


Madison S. Briggs


East Carolina Univeristy:

Bachelor of Science in Sociology

Minor: Psychology


East Carolina Univeristy:

Master of Science in Counselor Education:

Concentration: Clinical Mental Health Counseling 


Over the past decade, the importance of mental health has been brought to the forefront of the conversation. My goal is to normalize and de-stigmatize the utilization of therapeutic interventions. I recognize the courage that it takes to ask for professional support, and I am strongly committed to helping you navigate some of life’s most difficult challenges.  


I have been working in the mental health field for over 5  years; within this time, I gained experience working with children ages 5 and up, adolescents/teens, adults, couples,  and families. From these experiences, I have developed a  passion for working with individuals dealing with depression,  anxiety, personality disorders, behavioral concerns, anger management, relationships, and life transitions.


Utilizing an eclectic approach, I specialize in Cognitive  Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment  Therapy (ACT), and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). My goal is to provide an individualized, person-centered counseling experience that facilitates a positive change and helps you achieve your goals. 


Sara Wilson Martin


Western Carolina University:

Master's in Education

Pfeiffer University 

Master's in Marriage Family Therapy


Welcome. :) My clients are intelligent, cognitively, somatically, and/or empathic. They care about growth towards greater health and balance, relationally and professionally. From a body felt and practical sense, they would like to feel met, seen and valued, as is true of all of us. I work from a calm, clear, non-judgmental, warm, fun, skilled and compassionate place, who can connect to what is being shared. I am in my mid 50's. I personally know multiple forms of trauma and have found greater health and healing through each of their unique and similar forms.

I focus where you are. I help create intentions that are mutually agreeable. I offer a choice on how we go about reaching intentions. I keep things present tense, while also creating the safety to touch into and integrate the deepest of traumatic material, somatically, cognitively, and relationally. I help you feel more at ease in the mind and body.

I have the intention to see hear meet you right where you are. I would be honored to help you find greater health, peace, love, and light of your soul. I look to supporting you in your transformation to a place that is just where YOU want to be! 

Veronica M. Bradley


University of North Carolina at Wilmington:

Bachelor of Science in Biology; Minor in Chemistry

Elon University

Masters of Science in Physician Assistant Studies

University of Lynchburg

Doctor of Medical Science in Physician Assistant Studies; Focus in Otolaryngology

  • Lynchburg Journal of Medical Science: 

    • Bradley, Veronica (2019) “Managing Nasal Airway Obstruction: The Otolaryngology Approach,” Lynchburg Journal of Medical Science: Vol 2 : Iss. 1, Article 6.


Veronica Bradley moved to North Carolina from Long Island, NY in 2006 to begin her undergraduate education at UNCW. This is where she met her husband and best friend, Christopher Bradley. Initially, she started as a student wanted to pursue a career in education, but this quickly changed when she fell in love with what a career as a Physician Assistant could offer. 

She graduated as a Physician Assistant in 2015 from Elon University. She started her medical career in Family Medicine/ Primary Care for 3 years. Opportunity to move into a sub-specialty crossed her path, so she transitioned into Otolaryngology (ENT) for the last 4 years. She has enjoyed her time in both fields and has been able to utilize her knowledge and skills to treat patients of all ages. 

She will be applying her skills to facial aesthetics at BEST LIFE Mental Health & Wellness starting early summer of 2022. She is looking forward to adding this new service to the wellness side of the practice.

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