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Start nasal esketamine Spravato® Today. 
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Nasal esketamine Spravato® is a nasal spray used for treatment-resistant depression. 

What defines treatment-resistant depression?

Treatment failure of two anti-depressants, SSRIs, SNRIs, NDRIs, etc. 

To learn more about nasal esketamine Spravato®, click the link below.

Referring providers, please click the form below for a referral form. 

Does Insurance cover SPRAVATO®?

We cannot gurantee if insurance will cover the treatment, but as long as requirements are met insurance should cover SPRAVATO® .   

Why choose BEST LIFE Mental Health & Wellness for your Spravato treatment?

We provide a comfortable and relaxing environment to begin your treatment. You will be provided your own personal room with a relaxing chair, nice views, and TV if needed.  Bring your family or your favorite music to listen to. 
We hope to see you soon!

Additional Information: 

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